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OGGETTO Vendo box cavalli
Autore Daniele
Data 11/06/2012 11:13:18
Discussione Scuderia dieci più dieci corridoio centrale
Autore sy3hVJUskb4
Data 18/02/2014 10:30:55
Discussione The genius store caleld, they're running out of you.
Autore 3cqhNVSG
Data 18/02/2014 17:06:38
Discussione I have no statistics on this but when I deecdid to get LASIK and was telling people I know about it, almost everybody knew somebody who had done it or even had done it themselves and not one person said anything negative. All the comments were like best money I ever spent, go for it, would do it again tomorrow etc. Out of everybody I talked to, only one guy said that his wife had it done 10 years ago and just recently started to need very mild prescription glasses again and only for driving but she was still totally happy with it.100% of patients may get dry eyes in the first couple of weeks after surgery but for most of them it's better within 2 months. Some low percentage ends up having to deal with dry eyes permanently.
Autore z342PU3Mxjp
Data 19/02/2014 04:14:00
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Data 19/02/2014 13:26:18
Discussione e8 difficile srielegce quale video sia il pif9 bello..questo penso che sia il mio preferito! molti mi dicono: ma cosa c'e8 di bello? in un camion? e io dico: quello che c'e8 di bello in qualsiasi passione
Autore bbhAlH6xp
Data 20/02/2014 04:42:14
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